Our Groups & Sessions

Rutland Outdoor Education centre

Courses and activities that offer flexibility by running at various times throughout the year

We also offer 'Farm visits' where you can bring groups or classes of children to visit the farm and learn about how the farm operates and of course meet our animals: Contact Admin@roec.co.uk

Wing Hall Farm is part of a government Scheme to take the classroom outside.

To schedule a sessions:: Get in touch with ROEC

We offer bespoke 1-2-1 and small group sessions, working with schools, LAs and others to support learners with a range of needs. We work with learners whom attending school may be a barrier as well as supporting the curriculum needs of children and young adults from across the board, of both SEND and complex needs. We are Ofsted Registered.

Schedule: To schedule a reservation for your school, get in touch with ROEC

Students can immerse themselves in nature and experience hands-on learning. Our centre provides a unique opportunity for school groups to embark on residential stays where they can explore the natural environment, learn about sustainable farming practices, and develop essential life skills. Meet The Farm Animals, Feed and Learn how we care for them.